Nepal Appeal

For many years Thomas Consulting have had a policy of actively supporting causes that further community and social good causes. We encourage and challenge our employees and investors to find causes where our skills and knowledge may help change lives or help communities.

This help can range from our engineers visiting schools to give career talks, helping run youth and community organisations in their spare time or providing experienced advice and assistance to community groups. We were therefore delighted to be able to help Deafway when they approached us about rebuilding their school buildings following the devastating earthquakes in Nepal.

Thomas Consulting have engineers experienced in undertaking seismic analysis and design, these engineers worked in conjunction with local Nepalese engineers to develop more robust earthquake resistant structural designs. It was essential the designs could be constructed using local labour, materials and methods of construction. Please take a look at the videos showing the work carried out by Deafway in Nepal and the damage caused by the Earthquake, any contribution you can make to assist in the rebuilding of the school would be greatly appreciated by the school and itís pupils.